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how to place a sales message

placing a sales message is a very easy task

  1. go to menu on afriHuB . top left 3 line bar on afriHuB.

  2. choose the option "marketing message". ( if you don't see the option available, pls contact our back-office)

  3. you will be faced withe the message input screen

  • select the picture , from your galery , that best describes your offering

  • no need to select a card, unless, your business has more then one. in this case choose to what profile you want your sales message be attached to

  • select type of message - it can be a discount offer - or, it can be a sales general offer

  • if its a coupon disocunt offer select you choice of offer, % discount or amount discount

  • select the date period of the sales offering

  • select when do yoiu want this offering to start being presented

  • enter main title to display

  • enter general description

  • select color backround


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