• Menachem Rosenblum

How to use afriHuB to BOOST consumer & Business added value

How to use afriHuB sales messaging tools effectively and train the businesses accordingly.

afriHuB advantages, over all other marketing and sales tools that are out in the market; newpapers, google, facebook, TV , radio etc, is , by using the PUSH mechanism and REAL TIME approach.

What does that mean?

1. it means that afriHuB pushes the relevant messages to the consumer phone, and makes it appear, on top of the list, close to the expiration time.

2. afriHuB may be used as coupon , discount for the purchase.

So, if the business places an message , saying “ this is me….” It not really different from any other tool in the market and will not make any difference compared to other tools. See example…. Those two sales messages , don’t make difference to any other tools that are in the market.

BUT, the following messages make much difference…

1. use of %%% discount ONLY by using afriHuB

2. special offer only on afriHuB users

3. (not used here, but important to use) , if businesses is using short expiration time ( until 9 in the evening, or next 3 hours) the message is pushed to top of the list.

There is not other tool to have this ability. Why is that good, it bring REAL TIME opportunities to the consumer.

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